Guardian Dog Green 100cm dog bed
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65 900 Ft each
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Are you looking for a stylish and cool dogbed?

The love of nature and dogs inspired this dogbed.

No matter you have a small dog, like chihuahua, yorkshire terrier or a bigger like bullterrier, german shepard dog, we have all size! With blanket and pillow.

The metal parts, the colour gives the essential of Guardian Dog dogbed.

What is your passion?
Hunting, fishing, military style or you like funky and trendy design?

Unique dog bed with camouflage fabric covered bed. It belongs an extra blanket and a pillow as well to. Pillow? Yes! Dogs like to put their head on it!

It is not a usual dog bed, as you and your dog are not usual too!

Do you already know where to place it in your flat, right?

L:100cm   W:70cm  H:30cm