About us


I am Adrienn Vágner.

I have been a real estate agent for more than 15 years. I have been to many homes and flats giving home to dogs. I have seen shabby plastic, foam, wicker basket beds that among beautiful, elegant furniture. These beds do not fit to the owner’s already carefully selected furniture and styled home, and not even the dog feels comfortable in these.

I dearly love arts, I have drawn and painted a lot and home decorating has a special place in my heart. And I love dogs as well. Currently I am a proud owner of two dogs.

When we got our first dog I had to face the fact, same as the other owners I have met during my work, that plastic and foam dog beds do not fit into our home. Furthermore dog accessories were all over the flat, all of them in different places. I groomed the fur of my dog on the bench or the top of the washing machine. I came up with the idea of the universal dog furniture then to suit all of these expectations I performed a furniture design course.

The mission of my company to provide high quality dog furniture to dog owners which will solve several problems of theirs, which fits beautifully to the furniture and fully serves comfort of the dog.

Our dog furniture is not only comfortable, cosy bed which is loved by dogs, it has pull out hanger bracket where you can organize dog clothes, you can store dog food hygienically in one drawer and dog accessories (leash, poop bag, brush, nail scissors and so on) in another. AND! Under the cover plate there is a surface covered in textile where you can dry and brush your dog, perfect for grooming. The textile parts can be taken off and washable. Hereafter you don’t have to look after anything; you can store everything in one place. And all of this is inside a luxury chest of drawers!

Me and my dog Lilu who inspired me

I am proud that VÁGNER Modern Pet Furniture Ltd is a Hungarian company providing high quality furniture which would stand its ground all over the world.

We create style in dog furniture which you can be proud of in your flat!
As I am the right-holder of the furniture you can be sure, your dog furniture is UNIQUE, like your dog!
Make your dog’s home with all modern conveniencesfor your own joy as well!
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