Our story

I adore dogs, I have 17 years experince in real estate business and I was talking with a lot of dog's owner, I had problems to solve with my dogs as well, I wanted to help dogs living in shelters- that is why I started my business, designing and producing wooden dog beds.

Our dog beds solve the problems of dog owners and provide happiness to dogs and their owners.

Whether you have a small or big dog, a chihuahua  or a staffordshire terrier, you wil find the perfect bed for them in our store. Your pets can try our dog beds in our shop! Do you have a question? Please contact us! Let's make the dog's word a better place together!

Dog's and owner's favourite

World's new – complex dog furniture


Would you like to be a proud owner, causing joy to you and your dog as well?

As a dog owner I design dog furniture while keeping in my mind the needs of both the dog and the owner.

Treat yourself and your dog with this dog furniture which gives solution to all of your problems and your dog will feel fantastic as well!

The biggest problem of the owners is the storage of the dog supplies (food, accessories). Do you have look for the leash, poop bag, treats and others every time you would like to walk the dog because you can store these in different places?

The other problem of the owners is that they find it difficult to match the woven, plastic or foam bed of the dog to their already carefully selected furniture and styled home.

Do you want to groom your pet comfortable and in safety? Our dog furniutre provides a perfect solution!

Finally, everything is in one place!

With buying our dog furniture, you will have a truly elegant dog bed which will fit into your beautiful home.