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Perfectly designed details for a long and healthy dog life!

Will you enjoy to sleep on the floor on a mattress whose filling sticked together? 

Don't give your dog such neither! We show you how the good dog bed is!

The bed

Thanks to its sides, the doog feels itself in safety. He/she can lean against it and "hide". And, the wall stay clean as well.

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The mattress

As dogs are vertebrates as we are, they need to lay on a flat and comfortable place. You can save their articulates too using a good quality dog bed. The cover is long-wearing, changeable and washable. Inside there is a good quality sponge.

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The legs of the dog bed

The dog bed is raised, so the dog can't cath a chill as laying on a cold floor and you can also prevent the fur falling out due to the heated floor. this dog bed is perfect for old or injured dogs as well. 

As the bed is raised from the floor, dogs has the feeling like using your furniture, so lot of them, who are using our beds, forget to use owner's sofas, beds. It also means that you can prevent your dog's accident when jumping on or from your high furniture and your furnitures stayed clean and your pets claws wont destroy the fabric.

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 The quality

Unfortunatelly there are a lot of bad quality dog beds on the market. They produce them in a big quantity because you have to change it every 6 month or every year and they are not cheap at all.

A simple mattress doesn't give the feeling of safety and recreation for your dog.

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Our dog beds are healthy and we are producing small series as usually they do the high quality trade marks.

I want your dog to enjoy our dog bed for a long time and to be one of your favourite furniture as well.

Just calculate now how many have you already spent on bed quality dog beds! Are you shocked?

Please buy the same good quality bed for your dog as for yourself!


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About the product

You would like to be a proud owner, causing joy to you and your dog as well, right?

As a dog owner I design dog furniture while keeping in my mind the needs of both the dog and the owner.

Treat yourself and your dog with this dog furniture which gives solution to all of your problems and your dog will feel fantastic as well!

The biggest problem of the owners is the storage of the dog supplies. Do you have look for the leash, poop bag, treats and others every time you would like to walk the dog because you can store these in different places?

The other problem of the owners is that they find it difficult to match the woven, plastic or foam bed of the dog to their already carefully selected furniture and styled home.

With buying our dog furniture, you will have a truly elegant dog bed which will fit into your beautiful home.

The dog furniture is made of high quality furniture panels with endless possibility of patterns; you can even choose the tapestry yourself!

The furniture hardware is top class. The drawers don’t have handles, it functionally opens itself if pushed in slightly. The cabinet door opens and closes effortlessly. From the pull out hanger bracket it is easy to choose the dog clothing.

Did you know that dogs like cosy beds which has borders, they feel safe there. You have noticed that your dog walks in circles to set the fabric underneath them? This is the reason we give an extra, big and soft blanket to the bed which goes with the tapestry so the dogs can tuck it underneath them for their comfort. The dog bed can be pushed into (you can hide it) if there is no need for it.

The fabric of the dog bed and the grooming place can be taken off and they are washable. Our huge selection of fabrics suits every season and mood.

No more time wasted on looking for supplies, your dog will lay in a comfortable dog bed and you can care for them safely and hygienically!

As I am the right-holder of the design you can be sure you will have a UNIQUE furniture!

Show your special, unique dog furniture proudly to your acquaintances and friends!



Do you have a small dog and it will be funny / confortable to sit together at the table?

Our new dog high chair is the solution. Ideal for home and for restaurants ( your customers will be thankful for eating confortable and your seats stays clean)!


You have a beautiful flat and a dog? You dont want to destroy the interior right? Dont buy an ugly dog cushion or plastic basket!

We offer a high quality dog bed! It is really a furniture! High quality, trendy and very confortable!